Thank you Nina!

Nina is brilliant woman. She graduated UCB and started her own job .
After that she came to our university and got a degree.
And now she works at Washington,DC.

I really respect her more than I can say in English.

Nina always gave me a smile.

So she always looked happy.

But I know she had kind of frustration because she's been japan.

Japanese are quiet and rarely rise up for a protest campaign things.

Nina is an activist so I'm not surprised if she felt something lacking.

However, whenever I saw her, she cheered me up.

She was like the sun.

She always was my leader. And She is stiil the one.

She always showed the wasy that I should walk on.

Because of her, I was an activist. I was trying to be an activist like her.

Because of her, I became to have an intrest about politics.

I really appreciate I met Nina.

I love this photo.

Actually I was really sad when she had gone to the states.

My teacher also was not able to hide his disappointment.

He said he lost the way. And it made me more sad.

I felt I did nothing to her.
She did lots of things to me, but I couldn't anything to her.

She was Venus for me and for my teacher.

I can't be a replacement of her .

But now I have to carry on .

Thank you Nina!

and I can say that you are still my leader!

Good luck to you!